My thoughts on rhinoplasty

Why would you ever consider getting a rhinoplasty surgery?

This is a question that I’ve heard many times before. Most of the time there is a┬ánegative connotation associated with any type of plastic surgery, especially anything facial related. A lot of times this comes from what people see on TV such as the botched plastic surgeries and other stuff like that. But when you take it into perspective there are A LOT of really good nose jobs! But those don’t get the attention of the 1/100 bad ones. Also there is really no other bone that if broken, is as noticeable as a broken nose.

The truth of it is, is that a nose job can change someones life around. This is something that I myself have witnessed as my very close friend had their nose broken when they were young. She fell off of a swing set and landed straight on her face which resulted in her breaking her nose. Growing up she was teased constantly so it was always bothersome to her. So when she turned 20 she had saved up enough money to get the surgery and has never regretted it.

It was crazy how much more confident she got almost instantly! Even with the swelling you could tell that her nose was night and day different. The hump was gone and her nose was finally straight again (if you’ve seen a broken nose before then you know what I’m talking about). When the swelling was completely gone she looked AMAZING!

So if you have ever considered getting a nose job, or any plastic surgery, then first I suggest you only get it if its for you! If you are being pressured into it definitely don’t do it, but if its something that you want and will build up your self confidence then go right ahead. They even sell plastic surgery deals on GROUPON now!